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Angel Wall Hanging

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Set aside the plastic tinsel and adore your space with this timeless Angel Wall Hanging. 

We have commissioned artisan Angela from Whimsy & What-Knot to bring you this modern wall hanging using traditional macramé skills. Handcrafted using recycled 100% cotton, gold chord, and raw wood bead and ring.

Beautiful as a sentimental gift. Hang your Angel anywhere in the home to remember somebody dear who has passed ♡.  Decorate a little cherub's bedroom.  Display at Christmastime to celebrate the festive season.  A truly thoughtful keepsake. 

  • Handcrafted by Whimsy & What-Knot
  • 24cm x 16cm
  • Recycled Cotton and Wood

🌲Thank you for supporting small Aussie businesses this Christmas!