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Our Story

I love, love, LOVE what I do!
Since well before 2019 I have been making bath and body products - mixing essential oil blends, to meet the needs of my friends and family.  They might have needed pain relief, relaxation, or some quality sleep (don't we all??!). After getting great feedback and special requests, I decided to jump in the small biz world and bring these mixes to you.
LISTENING  Over the last few years I have enjoyed listening to you to create more products to meet your needs - to nourish skin, to solve a problem like pain or sleeplessness, to use only natural, best-quality ingredients, to keep packaging to a minimum and earth-friendly.  I always have you in mind.  So, I source the best quality, earth-friendly ingredients and materials. 
GIFT BOXES  I continue to respond to the trend that BLISS is a go-to Gift Box supplier for all seasons and occasions, including grief, celebrations, and encouragement. I am so privileged to be a part of the way you love and support the gorgeous people in your world.  
SELF LOVE  I have been so disheartened by the culture of negative self-talk and not realising your own value and worth, that I thought I needed to do something about it!  Girl, you are amazing!  Many of our jars of bath and body products now have affirming words on them to read each day, eg. I am Worthy, I am Enough.  Our BLISS Box mystery / subscription boxes are themed around value or care, eg. Beautiful, Kindness, Breathe and we have included an Affirmations Collection in our range which includes stickers, jewellery and more to spread to positivity and give permission for Self-Love.
LIFTING UP  I am a big believer in that: "Empowering one another equals success for all". So I am delighted to showcase some other small business local heroes in our Collections and Gift Boxes.
FIND US IN STORE  I am delighted that the BLISS range is stocked by a number of stores, small business and online boutiques around Australia and the world.  Keep and eye out for us!  
Thank you for supporting my business! It means everything to me. Continue to show us some love on our social pages and spreading the word.
Jen Waddell