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Good for people. Good for the planet.

It is important to us that our products are good for you.  We use natural ingredients that you can feel confident are non-toxic, chemical-free and artificial fragrance free and micro-plastic-free. Most of our range is vegan friendly and gluten-free friendly.  Please check with if you have allergies to nuts and or particular essential oils as we can create something for you.  Our ingredients are listed on each product.

We continually strive to be more and more eco-friendly.  From choosing natural ingredients that we are confident are going to break down naturally and quickly, being safe for the waterways and environment, to the choice of packaging.  We use bottles that are either glass or PET and ask for you to recycle or reuse.  Our paper and cardboard packaging is recyclable. The box cellotape we use is biodegradable.  We source organic, Fair Trade and eco-friendly FSC supplies.  The small businesses we choose to partner with by offering their range, share our our eco-friendly ethos.  On the occasion that our products to have some single-use soft plastics, we ask you to recycle to your soft plastics outlet.

Thank you for joining with us creating a sustainable change in the beauty and gift industry.